Testez VMware Player 3 !

MAJ 17/11/2009 : Depuis la GA, le download est dispo directement sur la page du produit.

La RC de VMware player 3 est disponible au public depuis le début du mois d’octobre (pour Windows et Linux). La liste des nouveautés est tellement impressionnante que VMware aurait pu lui donner le nom de “Workstation Lite”. Jugez plutôt :

  • Create Virtual Machine with Easy Install (Exit easyvmx)
  • Aero Glass Support
  • Virtual Printing
  • On-Demand VMware Tools Download
  • Support d’ESX 4 en guest
  • Support du mode Unity


2 Responses to “Testez VMware Player 3 !”

  1. Très bonne chose ça!

    Toutes les nouveautés apportées par Workstation 7 en somme:

    • Aero support for Windows 7 and Vista Guests!
    • Windows 7 support (as a Host and Guest OS)
    • OpenGL and Shader Model 3.0 support for Windows guests
    • Create guests with Multi-core or 4-way CPUs and up to 32GB of Memory
    • Download VMware vSphere 4 and install ESX as a guest OS to try out the latest features.
    • Dynamically Download the latest VMware Tools package only when you need it.
    • Print from your VM without installing printer drivers. Virtual Printing courtesy of our friends at ThinPrint.
    • Automatically create snapshots on scheduled intervals with AutoProtect.
    • Secure your Virtual Machines with 256-bit encryption.
    • Remote Replay Debugging and other advanced development features
    • ALSA Sound support on Linux hosts enables multiple VMs to play \"music\" concurrently.
    • Instantly pause a VM to free up system resources or dedicate horsepower to other running VMs.
    • The Virtual Network Editor user interface has been redesigned for Windows users.

  2. il ne manque plus que les snapshots :)

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